Nekuda D.M. Technologies & Design Ltd
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Nekuda D.M. Technologies & Design Ltd

Passion. The rest will follow.

Who is Nekuda?

We are a multi-disciplinary team of designers and engineers, with over 18 years’ experience designing wearable display devices worldwide.

18 years Designing AR VR devices across domains & applications

Consumer, sports, medical, professional, industrial, pilots –we have designed head mounted devices for all these applications and their domain-specific requirements.


Understanding HMD weight and form factors

Glasses, goggles, headsets, helmets – all HMD form factors– we’ve designed for each of them, distributing center of gravity and weight to ensure comfort throughout the use cases.


Designing Globally

In addition to working with many Israeli technology companies and startups, we work with tech partners, OEMs and customers from USA, Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea and more.


Integrated Challenges need Integrated Teams

Human heads present major challenges, such as anthropometric variation, sensitivity to heat, weight and center of gravity.

Displays on heads demand careful timing and sizing, to prevent cognitive overload, eye fatigue, and frustration.

As a result, HMDs need tightly integrated teamwork, all aligned to product success. Optics, electronics, mechanical, ergonomics and industrial design need to work together.


Methodology and Experience

Our team experience helps you avoid the pitfalls of HMD development. Our proprietary HMD design methodology, helps us creates with you cross-team alignment of users definitions, use cases, environments and technical constraints, to evolve visions and intuitions into specific technological and product performance expectations.


Prototypes and Production Ready Design

Designing an HMD to production requires understanding of design for manufacturing (DFM) design for assembly, and design to cost. We have experience with high-rigidity optical benches, performance plastics, calibration jigs, and literally thousands of injected plastic parts.