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Resonai (formerly: Yowza) powers machines to understand the world through super-human visual perception.

Resonai’s ground-breaking technology solves major problems in AR and VR that demand sophisticated computer understanding of the environment.

Through advanced mathematics, physics and AI, we’ve created a visual cortex for machines, enabling them to understand objects, complex scenes and context in real time.

Resonai Visual Search is our AI-powered visual search engine. Resonai understands any type of 3D content – scanned content, CAD assets, model sketches, and more. Our visual search technology also powers search for Unity, the world’s most popular gaming development platform, making over a million 3D models and packages on its Asset Store instantly searchable within Unity Editor.

We are always looking to hire people who have a passion for taking it all the way: mathematicians, theoretical physicists, and machine learning experts who are also great at software development, as well as software engineers who excel in mathematics.