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OTM Technologies is the inventor of Phree, a digital pen using optical translation measurement (OTM) technology. Phree creates “digital ink” in real time on the target device, whether computer or mobile.

Phree’s underlying OTM technology is composed of a laser-based, optical motion measurement sensor that tracks the user’s handwriting and sends it via Bluetooth to any paired device. Its sophisticated proprietary optical tracking engine provides exceptional resolution and speed. Phree also features headset functionality as well as an interactive screen.

The pen tracks motion at a distance of up to one inch between its tip and the writing surface, allowing for natural handwriting. The accuracy of the pen supports biometric identification, including factors such as grip angle, pressure, velocity, and acceleration. Phree provides a true input device for virtual reality and augmented reality interaction and content creation.

With Phree, the user can interact freely with a variety of software programs, including Evernote, Microsoft Office, OneNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard, and Viber.