Adiel Gur

CTO, Waking App Ltd

CTO and co-founder of WakingApp. Adiel has spent most of this decade working on augmented reality and 3D applications from a technological point of view. Specializing in computer-vision related fields such as image analysis & classification and real-time image tracking on mobile devices.
Over the years he has managed a small (but efficient) team of up to 10 employees.
He has hands-on experience coding in C++, Objective-C, Java, Node.js and designing server infrastructure over Azure, AWS & Google Cloud.
He has also authored a few provisional applications for patents in the fields of AR & VR, filed in the US and EU patent offices.

My Sessions

How Designers can Create AR Experiences by WakingApp

Room C

In this presentation, Matan Libis, CEO will demonstrate how WakingApp’s AR Toolset, ENTiTi 3.0, enables app designers, architects and construction professionals to create fabulous AR projects. Adiel will present the unique functionalities and features of ENTiTi 3.0. This will include how to integrate your AR creations into an existing mobile app and also how to create your own white label solution with our online wizard.

Develop/Create Track