Emil Alon

Founder & CEO, Resonai

Emil Alon is the Founder and CEO of Resonai. Based in Tel Aviv and Palo Alto, California, Resonai specializes in visual perception for machines – merging the physical and digital worlds by helping machines understand what they see. Prior to Resonai, Emil was CEO of Pebbles Interfaces, a VR/AR sensing platform acquired by Facebook. He was also Founder and CTO of Collarity, a search engine and automated advertising and content recommendation platform. Emil has authored 18 patents in the fields of search and 3D.

My Sessions

The Emergence of Digi-sapience

Room C

A new kind of reality is upon us. With advances in hardware, AI, and the cloud, we can reshape the very definition of reality, where the physical will have a multitude of digital expressions like we’ve never seen. But who gets to control this new reality? What technical challenges remain? How can we use it to enrich life for everyone?

Develop/Create Track