Shelley Peterson

Emerging Technologies Lead, Lockheed Martin

Shelley Peterson has supported Lockheed Martin pursuits, diving into the rapidly evolving augmented reality and wearables market to integrate emerging technologies into solutions for Lockheed Martin applications.

Early in her professional career, Shelley founded a business focused on emerging technology solutions, including military aircraft distributed mission training and multi-spectral imaging monoculars.

In her spare time, Shelley teaches college mathematics as an adjunct, she enjoys volunteering for STEM events, and operates Shotlink Lasers for the PGA AT&T ProAm.

My Sessions

AR for Enterprise: How AR is Building Better Spacecraft

Room AB

Is AR/MR ready for the manufacturing shop floor?  Can AR really provide savings in a production environment?  Will AR benefit only mass-produced products, or can it also be feasible for unique, customized builds (one-offs)?  Lockheed Martin will provide insight to how AR/MR is benefitting spacecraft manufacturing.

Main Stage